What I've Done and What We're Doing

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Hey there!

Instead of just posting my portfolio alone (which can be found here), I thought I'd make a  blog post to showcase what I've done over the years and also discuss what WE (yes, Josh and I!) are currently working on!

Perhaps the BIGGEST news and most exciting news - we're dipping our toes into wedding photography! I've always been intimidated and terrified of wedding photography. There's so much pressure to capture so many things that are all going on at once. My personal experience as a bride, too, made me even more nervous. But, now that I'm learning more about wedding photography, I've realized that my experience as a bride is actually benefiting my eye for wedding photography - I'm remembering the awesome, unique shots our wedding photographer took (shout out to Katie Williamson!) and how much we've enjoyed them.

Josh and I officially booked our first wedding that will take place in December 2016. We are actually shooting the couple's engagement session today - so I will definitely be blogging about that later this week! :) 

So, how am I preparing for wedding photography? Many hours of pinning on Pinterest and shadowing other photographers! I had a great opportunity to shadow a wonderful photographer (Alyssa of Tagna Bilden Photography - check out her Facebook page!), and that allowed me to gain experience as a second-shooter. I'm looking forward to blogging about that experience and sharing some photos in a few weeks!

See below for samples of what I've done! We are looking forward to blogging about our new experiences and adventures!


Penn State Harrisburg Soccer [2011-2013]

Maternity - Ashlee & Jeremiah [April 2013]

LCFC Soccer [2014-2015]

Maternity - Cory & Tina [Feb. 2015]

Abstract Fashion [March 2015]

Family Session - Bitner [July 2015]

Newborn - Freya [Aug. 2015]

Sibling Shoot - Allegra & Kelsey [Nov. 2015]

Fall Shoot - Jeff, Amy, & Benni [Nov. 2015]

Newborn/Holiday - Jaxon [Dec. 2015]

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